Welcome to Little Chef’s Kitchen

The Little Chef’s Kitchenis a place where children of all ages and abilities can explore their creativity and develop life long skills as they learn to make fun foods and foster healthy eating habits.

We are available to plan and coordinate unique cooking experiences in our beautiful kitchen for

  • Birthday Parties
  • Play Dates
  • Primal Kids Program
  • Movie & Dinner Nights
  • and so much more..

*Gluten & Casein free menus available

There are so many benefits to getting kids in the kitchen. Here’s a list just to name a few:

Social & Emotional Benefits of Cooking

  • improves self confidence and self esteem
  • encourages creativity and imagination
  • teaches responsibility, time management, and organizational skills
  • provides opportunities for parent and sibling bonding
  • encourages communication and teamwork
  • teaches planning and thinking skills

Physical & Nutritional Benefits of Cooking

  • develops small motor skills and physical coordination
  • encourages kids to try healthy foods
  • kids are more likely to eat foods they prepare
  • keeps kids away from the TV, video games, and junk food
  • engaging kids in a healthy activity

Academic Benefits of Cooking

  • teaches fundamental reading, math, science, and reasoning skills
  • teaches how things change

Contact us to schedule your unique cooking experience or to plan your child’s next unforgettable birthday!


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